Aparte das reacções dos homofóbicos do costume, o impacto da notícia do Expresso de que 10% da população portuguesa é homossexual foi nenhum. A explicação é óbvia, trata-se de algo que hoje em dia é visto como pertencendo exclusivamente ao foro comportamental; que é um fenómeno transversal a toda a sociedade e que por esta é olhado com naturalidade e saudável indiferença. Quem não deve ter ficado nada satisfeito com os resultados e as análises da sondagem, foram os movimentos G&L e seus derivados já que a sua representatividade expressa politicamente está aquém da realidade. Tratam-se afinal de um conjunto de cidadãos que na sua maioria não vivem a sua sexualidade como uma forma de militância, o que me leva a crer que também não se revêem nas teses defendidas por aqueles grupos que, com excepção do empenho em causas (justas) como alargar a todas as uniões os efeitos do casamento e o direito à adopção de crianças por casais homossexuais, quando temos uma lei que já permite que individualmente o façam, reduzem os seus horizontes a objectivos estratégicos como a sua ordenação como padres e a participação no folclore da celebração matrimonial.

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  1. Pedro M said...
    “Foram efectuadas 1980 tentativas de entrevistas. Dos contactados 1254 (63,3 por cento) recusaram colaborar no estudo. A amostra atingida, de 726 entrevistas validadas (…) tem 44,9 por cento [de respondentes] dos 15 aos 30; 36,8 por cento dos 31 aos 49 anos; e 18,3 por cento com 50 anos ou mais, distribuição que obviamente não tem correspondência com a população residente em Portugal Continental. (…) O erro máximo da amostra é de 3,64 por cento.”

    Ou seja, a sondagem foi uma mariquice pegada.

    Enfim, sou homófobo assumido.
    Pedro M said...
    Ele(a)s andam aí...

    "Age of innocence at risk
    Published: Dec 22, 2005

    Beverly LaHaye, founder and chairwoman of Concerned Women for America (CWA) is angry. In fact, she is beyond angry after researching what is happening in public schools where she found that a gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is pushing a grade school curriculum that promotes cross-dressing.
    A program created by a homosexual parents group at the Buena Vista Elementary School in San Francisco includes a lesson based on a children's book entitled "Jesse's Dream Skirt." A stage production of a poem from this book was presented at the school that depicted Jesse in a skirt and high heels. The poem has 12 stanzas, the last one being:
    So let them say I'm like a girl!
    What's wrong with being like a girl?
    And let them jump and jeer and whirl
    They are the swine, I am the pearl!
    And let them laugh and let them scream!
    They'll be beheaded when I'm queen!
    When I rule the world! When I rule the world!
    When I rule the world, in my mommy's high heels!
    Concerned Women for America has found that GLSEN has a budget of several million dollars and counts more than a thousand homosexual activists on the team. They are well connected and have influential backers in the educational establishment. The National Educational Association (NEA) is in support of homosexual "rights," including the right to gay marriage. Radical homosexual activists have long said, "Whoever controls the schools controls the future". Their agenda contains such programs as: Cross dressing promoted to grade-school children, graphic and explicit instruction in gay sex taught to teenage boys and girls and armed guards posted to keep parents out of school assemblies led by radical homosexual activists.
    A book, that endorses sex between children and adults is published by a taxpayer-funded university. Its agenda is to inculcate children as young as kindergarten age that sex is alright between children and adults.
    For crying out loud, this is the age of innocence! Why can't they leave these poor innocents alone and let them enjoy their childhood.
    Concerned Women for America has also found another dangerous book that provides an academic cover for pedophiles and child molesters. The book is entitled "Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex". Protecting children from sex...huh? Then why does it say, "Sex is not harmful to children. There are many ways even the smallest children can partake of it".
    On another page, the author gushes over a "lush and mysterious" photo of a naked 3- or 4-year-old boy. She quotes a variety of pedophiles by concluding, "Children are not necessarily harmed by sex with adults". She advocates that America lower the age of sex between adults and children. Can you imagine the arrogance? And this book was published by the University of Minnesota Press. So much for the age of innocence.
    GLSEN has produced some of the foulest "educational" material in the dishonorable history of sex education. A few years ago, CWA exposed the fact that a pornographic teaching session had been conducted in Massachusetts by GLSEN. During that workshop, homosexual instructors indoctrinated children as young as 14 years old. The children heard detailed descriptions of perverted sex acts and some so heinous that they are too disgusting to mention. After it was exposed, it sparked outrage across the nation, so GLSEN leaders became more secretive and had guards posted to keep parents out. So, with tax dollars footing the bill for homosexual propaganda, the parents who foot the bill are thrown out of public schools by armed guards. Can you believe it?
    If you don't believe the arrogance of the homosexuals and the collusion of the school administrators, just listen to this. In St. Louis, when school started for the new session, Debra Loveless, whose daughter attended Metro High School, heard that GLSEN was conducting a school-sponsored assembly. She tried to view the presentation to determine its contents. When she entered the school, she was escorted out of the assembly by armed security guards. She never knew what those young people were exposed to, but, if it was one of GLSEN's usual presentations, the material was corrupt, perverse and destructive.
    When David Parker of Lexington, Mass., tried to find out what his 6-year-old son was being taught about homosexuality, school officials refused to give him any information. When he went to the school to investigate, the police were called and Parker was arrested. He is presently awaiting trial. This is the position to which parents are relegated.
    Concerned Women for America asks in their literature: "Are they teaching homosexuality in Spring Hill, Florida Area Schools?" Only the parents of the children can answer that question. It is up to them to investigate and inquire what their children are being taught. The homosexual agenda is like a cancer that wants to contaminate everyone. Not too long ago, there was a school superintendent in a Florida school who introduced two books for recommended reading. They were "Heather Has Two Mommies" and "Daddy's Roommate".
    The outraged parents united and sent the man packing. Cheers for the parents, but don't give up yet. The GLSEN and the NEA are relentless and, aided by the liberal media and academia, they will stop at nothing. Only determined, concerned parents can stop this insanity. You did it before. You can do it again. Let them know who is boss. Please don't abandon your children to the perverts.
    If you need help, suggestions or legal aid from CWA, you can contact them at www.cwfa.org. Or, by mail at: Concerned Women for America, 1015 Fifteenth Street, N.W., Suite 1100, Washington, D.C. 20005. Telephone: 202-488-7000.

    Joseph Tomaselli is a columnist for Hernando Today. He lives in Spring Hill. "

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