Thai astrologer Phinyo Phongchareon shows an audience a chart predicting Thailand's political outlook during a seminar on the country's astrology under the new government at Thammasat university in Bangkok, Thailand. Phinyo forecasting Thailand's fortunes in 2005 said it will be the year of the 'fighting cock', one with a weaker, less stable government, of stepped up use of force to quell the growing threat of Islamic militancy in southern Thailand, and the country could lose 'two prominent leaders', political or spiritual, in October. (AP Photo/Apichart Weerawong)

P.S. Por cá também temos disto. Basta ler hoje no DN Luis Delgado, aquele que dizia que havia 99% de probabilidades do dr. Portas e o dr. Lopes irem coligados às legislativas...

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